A Multi-purpose Symposium for the BioImage Analysis Community

Image analysis is powerful and essential in modern biology. However, many people involved in bioimage analysis might share the following problems:

- Which tool is appropriate to address my question?
- Who should I ask my very specific question about image analysis?
- I want to increase my skill, but I do not know how.
- As a developer I want to know more about the demand of biologists.
- I became an image analysts specialist. Is there a community for me?

To overcome these problems, we decided in June 2013 to organize this meeting in Barcelona to strengthen the network among those involved in bioimage analysis and provide direct solutions, the meeting is organized in 3 events:

1. Open Community Meeting (2 days): Top-Developers, leading analysts and biologists sit together to address the previous issues and exchange information to figure out possible solutions. Anyone is welcome to join to get solid information on the current scene of bioimage analysis and share point of views. 

2. The open community meeting is followed by a course targeting microscopy facility staffs to disseminate the knowledge and techniques of image analysts to the scientific community.

3. In parallel to the course, we will start up to build a public webtool that is expected to evolve into a practical solution centralizing information on image analysis tools and pipelines. The tools will be initially tagged by the participants of the event but tagging will be then open to public. We call this precursory trial "Taggathon".

 Plenary (October 7-8th)

Open Community Meeting
Community Status Quo
Open Software Showcase
Developers Updates
Sponsors Session
Posters session
Community Discussion
Future of the community

 - Open to everyone - Register here

Parallel  (October 9-11th)


Building an interactive Webtool for the Community

 -  Seat on Invitation   
   or Selection, or online -


lunch &

     Parallel (October 9-12th)

BioImage Analysis Course
(BIAS 2)

for the new Image Analysts

- On Registration / Selection -

The Symposium at a Glance

          12th of October:

    The Symposium is Over !!

An incredible event and widely acknowledged success !

    More info, reports, textbooks, Tag clouds, Webtool to come soon !!!

    Before that, we truly thank all speakers, analysts, students and taggers for making this meeting a thrilling event:

(Course students and Taggathon participants, Oct. 11th 2013)

        7/8 October 2013

    Open Community Meeting

A 2-days get together event to learn, update, discuss, network and organize the BioImage-Analysis community resources and efforts, e.g. Open Software tools showcase and updates, Web resources for Image analysis, status of software Analysts in Science, etc...

        9-11 October 2013


A 3-days Workshop to build a new Webtool for the users/analysts/developers community, based on the input collected during the Community Meeting.

    9-12 October 2013

    BioImage Analysis Course

A 4-days course for Image Analysts

from European Imaging Facilities on Image Processing & Analysis, and scientific programming.