Community Meeting EuBIAS 2013

Biological systems are studied from various angles. Among them image analysis allows the characterization of how molecules and cells are behaving in the multidimensional space. This meeting gathers the professionals who are studying the systems by image analysis. 

The meeting aims at enhancing the usage of analysis tools and to increase the communication within the image analysis community. Developers from various software packages and libraries are invited for presenting their recent activities and Image analysts and biologists will then be updated with the latest scene of the tool development, and at the same time are expected to provide feedback and to get in direct contact with the developers of the tools that they are using in everyday research. Moreover, we will discuss on the further development of image analysis community.       

The symposium starts with two days of open community meeting. The major aim of this meeting is to enhance the communication between image analysis algorithm and software developers, bioimage analysts and biologists.

 October 7-8th, 2013:    Plenary session.

Open Community Meeting
Community Status Quo
Open Software Showcase
Developers Updates
Sponsor Session
Posters session
Community Discussion
Future of the community

 - Open to everyone - Register here

        October 9-11th, 2013


Building an interactive Webtool for the Community

On Invitation -

            October 9-12th, 2013

BioImage Analysis Course
(BIAS 2)

for the new Image Analysts

- Upon Registration / Selection -

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