Kota Miura

Kota is an image processing and analysis specialist at the EMBL Heidelberg and is responsible for the Centre for Molecular and Cellular Imaging. One of the organizers of the BIAS2 2013 course. He also plays ukulele.

& Christian Tischer

Christian works at the Advanced Light Microscopy Facility at the EMBL in Heidelberg. He trains people in microscopy and image analysis, including automated image analysis of high-throughput microscopy data. 

Sébastien Tosi

Sébastien Tosi is a signal processing engineer and currently works at IRB Barcelona Advanced Digital Microscopy Core Facility as image analyst and instrumentation engineer. One of the organizers of the course.

Julien Colombelli

Julien Colombelli is optical engineer and physicist, specialized in building custom laser-based microscopy instruments, and also manager of IRB Barcelona Advanced Digital Microscopy Core Facility.

Christoph Moehl

Christoph works as an “Image and Data Analysis Facility Manager” at DZNE (German Center for Neurodegenreative Diseases) in Bonn (in fact, he is the only member of the core facility). He is one of the course organizers.

Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux

Perrine is research engineer in bio-image informatics on the PICT-IBISA microscopy facility, at Institut Curie Paris France.

Simon Nørrelykke

Simon is a physicist turned image-and-data analyst. He works in Zurich at ETH where he heads the Data Analysis Unit as part of the Light Microscopy and Screening Center. He no longer plays ukulele, having chosen instead to express himself via the épée.

Thomas Pengo

Thomas Pengo is a postdoc at the CRG (Center for Genomic Regulation) and image analysis specialist for the Advanced Light Microscopy Unit.

Ricard Delgado Gonzalo

Ricard is a mathematician and engineer that currently works at the Biomedical Imaging Group of EPFL as a Postdoctoral Fellow researching on new algorithms and mathematical tools for the processing of biomedical images. In his free time, he is a hardcore gamer of Starcraft.

Ofra Golani

Ofra is a bio-imaging informatics analyst at the Biological Services Unit of the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Chong Zhang

Chong is a medical imaging engineer and currently work at CellNetworks, University of Heidelberg, as image analyst and postdoc for the image processing of microscopy data.

Nikolay Kladt

From neuroethology ans systems neuroscience to image analysis, Niko liked to be in a place where he can combine computer science and gizmology to tackle (methodological) problems in life science. He currently works as an image and data analyst at the CECAD Imaging Facility in Cologne, Germany (Cluster of Excellence, Cellular Stress Responses in Aging-Associated Diseases).