Meeting REPORT


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Open Showcase presentations:

Presentation of Mathieu Leclaire (OpenMole): view it here:

Presentation of Martin Horn (KNIME):             download here:    EuBIAS_KNIME_2013.pdf 

Presentation of Luciano Lucas (Imaris - Bitplane)                      Imaris Open @ EuBIAS 2013.pdf

        and related info about Imaris Open                                 Imaris Open and Imaris XT resources.doc

Presentation of Luis Pedro Coelho (Mahotas):                          Mahotas talk

        also check his EuBIAS-related blog here

Presentation of Claire Mouton & Eduardo Dávila (CreaTools)     CreaTools_EuBIAS_2013

Presentation by Ofra Golani (BioImg Storage Server)                BioImgPresentation_EuBIAS2013.pdf


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Tweets etc...

A vastly tweeted Meeting, check some extracts with #EuBIAS2013
and at the well-gathered storify  by Kota Miura  @cmci:

Day 1 Tweets

Day 2 Tweets


More than 100 attendants at the 2-days Community Meeting at EUBIAS 2013.

Kota Miura invites the community of
Analysts to introduce themselves to the Audience - 7 Oct. 2013.

Social Dinner on Monday 7th.